World Tofu Day


Since 2014 SPA Canada is celebrating World Tofu Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the many alternatives that exist to animal products and the many advantages of living a cruelty-free lifestyle. World Tofu Day is also an opportunity to spread awareness about the cruelty involved in the animal farming industry. World Tofu Day is meant to encourage the public to see tofu in a new way : as a tasty, versatile food that can easily replace many animal-derived products to avoid encouraging the horrible farming industry.

Every year, the number of consumers of plant-based proteins is growing increasingly around the world and Canadians continue to add them on their plates. People are benefiting from changing their eating habits. Tofu, for example, is a great way to get away from animal protein, because with only one third of a block of tofu (150 grams) a person consumes the equivalent of a serving of meat.

In 2014, the SPA Canada launches the first edition of the World Tofu Day, in Montreal, with the largest vegan barbecue in the world. No less than 12,000 people attend the event! The goal of this special day is to encourage citizens to introduce animal-friendly products into their menu. On July 26th, we encourage people to eat tofu! It is a versatile product that can be consumed as a dessert or as well as a main dish.

This year, SPA Canada is organizing a tofu tasting on July 26th in the heart of Montreal downtown to convince everyone to give this product a chance. The World Tofu Day is a great opportunity to spread awareness about animal cruelty in the food industry. It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the weather by organizing a picnic or a barbecue and to invite friends that are skeptical about the good taste of tofu… or to order a dish containing tofu at the restaurant!