Ten Places to Shop this Fall Season

Ten Places to Shop this Fall Season

Since the start of the pandemic, shopping in person hasn’t quite been the same as before. As a result, many of us have decided to stay home and shop online. While online shopping can be a simple and fun way to get ready for fall, it has its problems.

If you are newly vegan, you have probably noticed that many of your old go-to clothing companies prioritize production and consumer spending above animal welfare. Though a bit disheartening, rest assured that there are vegan equivalents to your old favs (we promise).

We went ahead and did some research to find the best online vegan clothing companies in Canada so you can upgrade your fall wardrobe and feel good doing it! As a bonus, you’ll be supporting local businesses that have suffered the economic burden of the global pandemic.

Without further ado, here are our top ten Canadian vegan clothing companies to fulfill all your fall wardrobe needs!



You’ve probably seen someone walking around with a Matt & Nat bag on the street, or perhaps you already own one yourself!

Since 1995, this company has been mixing fashion and nature by making leather-like accessories and coats without using animals. Matt & Nat uses recycled materials like water bottles, and are always looking to innovate and come up with new ideas to help the environment.

This PETA-approved company offers a range of timeless, minimalist essentials from belts, bags, and footwear, all of which are made with animal welfare at heart.

Check it out here: https://mattandnat.com/en_ca/



NOIZE is a company that proves no goose down is necessary when it comes to making a warm coat (yes, even during Canadian winters).

Noize stands out for its affordable prices and size-inclusive products. From vegan moto-style leather jackets to cozy winter parkas that protect down to -30 degrees celsius, Noize is your go-to for fall outerwear.

As a bonus, enjoy free shipping on orders $75 and over for a limited time only!

To start shopping: https://noizeoriginal.ca



At Ananas & Bananas, you can find everything from clothing, sunglasses, and even vegan jewelry!

Ananas & Bananas started as a small project among friends, which has grown bigger and more ethical in recent years. Ananas & Bananas is all about looking good while feeling good, as this company keeps your comfort in mind.

If you’re looking for some cozy additions to your wardrobe this fall season, see it for yourself; you will not be disappointed!

To start shopping: https://www.ananas-bananas.com/



While quality vegan clothes and bags have become increasingly accessible over time, the same cannot be said for shoes. In the past, I have found quality vegan footwear hard to come by, but thanks to Etik & Co., this is no longer a problem!

This company is best known for its organic cotton canvas sneakers (basically a more ethical version of Converse sneakers)–a perfect fall staple that pairs well with just about everything.

Etik & Co. also features clothing made from organic fibers, which are not only better for your skin, but for the environment too.

Lastly, this company prioritizes fair trade materials, giving us yet another reason to love them even more than we already did.

To start shopping: https://etikandco.ca/en/home/



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Ethically Warm is a company producing vegan coats right here in Montreal!

Ethically Warm began as a project focused on environmentally-friendly outerwear that evolved its operations to be vegan and fair-trade.

In addition to being ethical in the production of their coats, this company uses high-quality, biodegradable materials, like cotton and bamboo. Considering Canada’s harsh winters, this is a great company to consider for your cold-season outerwear.

To start shopping: https://ethicallywarm.com/



Cruelty-free handbags and backpacks? Yes, please! Lambert’s unique aesthetic is unmatched with its incredible color palette.

Lambert’s mission was to create stylish, vegan bags, and we would agree that they have done just that. Lambert kind of makes you want to buy a bag to match every outfit.

Thanks to Lambert, you can have versatile vegan bags that can be worn for those more formal occasions or as an everyday accessory. Go check it out! They have cute accessories for all tastes and styles.

To start shopping: https://www.designlambert.com/



Eco Loco was created by environmentalist Geneviève St-Amour whose dream was to create a company that promotes the well-being of animals and the environment.

Using strictly environmentally-friendly production methods, Eco Loco offers the perfect layering pieces for chilly fall weather.

Bonus: Eco Loco also offers kitchen and stationery products for your new apartment or back-to-school needs!

To start shopping: https://www.ecoloco.ca/



Inspired by a rescued goat outside of Calgary, the Grinning Goat offers a wide range of quality vegan products, including but not limited to shoes, jewelry, clothing, beauty products, and even products for children!

The Grinning Goat is your all-in-one fall shopping destination where you can find several products in one go, all while supporting animal welfare. From pencil cases to socks, and even home decor, The Grinning Goat has you covered this fall season.

Pssst, shipping to Canada is free with purchases of $75 or more.

To start shopping: https://www.grinninggoat.ca/



What makes KOTN stand out from the rest is that their products are traceable, meaning that consumers know where every single material product comes from. You’ll fall in love with their beautiful, high-quality, staple pieces.

This B Corporation Certified company gives back to the farmers and their families who grow the cotton used to make the clothing.

KOTN has also built seven schools and established several farming locations providing education and jobs for communities who need it most.

KOTN is a must when it comes to those essential pieces to complete your wardrobe!

To start shopping: https://kotn.com/



What sets this company apart from others is that in addition to promoting an anti-cruelty and green culture, they put the message they want on their clothes!

But wait, there’s more! This company donates ten percent of its sales to organizations that fight for animal welfare. Veganveins make a difference by condemning unethical behavior towards animals and making a real difference in preventing animal abuse: a major plus in our books.

Gorgeous fall pieces that make a positive impact? Take our money!

To start shopping: https://veganveins.ca



Last, but certainly not least on our list is Vogue X Virtue. This Canadian company truly is your one-stop-shop for all your fall wardrobe staples (and more)! Vogue X Virtue is a 100% vegan marketplace featuring everything from cruelty-free make-up and skincare, seasonal clothing, and even vegan leather watches (I know, just try to contain your excitement).

You can feel good knowing that Vogue X Virtue donates three percent of your purchase to an organization of your choosing at checkout.

Vogue X Virtue also has a blog where you can find everything from educational content to consciously made Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Side note: Vogue X Virtue is currently having a summer wardrobe sale up to 50% off, most of which could serve as great transition pieces into fall!



Many retail companies contribute to animal cruelty and negatively impact the environment, including some of our old favorites. Transitioning to a conscious wardrobe is made easy with the companies listed in this article. You can be a conscious consumer without compromising style or comfort.

Whether you shop in person or online this coming fall season, remember that vegan, environmentally-friendly options are out there. Creating a vegan, environmentally friendly wardrobe starts by changing your habits, one piece of clothing at a time!