SPA Canada is proud to have a new member on their team: Williams Casavant

SPA Canada is proud to have a new member on their team: Williams Casavant

We are proud to announce the addition of a new member to our team!

Williams Casavant is joining us as a Communication and Projects specialist.

As an avid advocate for human and animal rights, Williams Casavant got involved at a very young age to help the community. His involvement in the creation of the elementary school violence-free unit, a project aimed at reducing the rate of bullying in schoolyards, and his involvement with Héma-Québec demonstrate his concern for justice and the greater good.

As a trained journalist, graphic designer, web designer and vice-president of Passion Animal Magazine, Williams specializes in various communications fields and will definitely make SPA Canada benefit from it. Detailed-oriented, he is dedicated to his projects and always aims at exceeding all expectations.

In addition, Williams has among his many interests, a special passion for the world of cinema has been the main actor in two movies as well as a director of several documentaries and commercials ads. His talent for the arts and his various implications with animal protection implications will certainly help him to become an important pillar of SPA Canada in the future. 

We wish him great success and a lot of victories for the animals! Welcome to our team, Williams! We all look forward to working with you!

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