SPA Canada raises awareness about animal abandonment

SPA Canada raises awareness about animal abandonment

Saint-Jacques Vallée Y&R and the SPA Canada team up to urge caution during this crucial period.

Every year, three times more animals are abandoned during the moving period. The agency thus created an awareness campaign for the association, transposing the abandonment of a pet to that of a child.

‘’By creating a parallel between an animal and one of the most vulnerable members of a family, we show the seriousness of animal abandonment.’’ Pascal Gagnon, artistic director, mentions. The campaign will be mainly displayed digitally; on banners and on social media.

Spokesperson: SPA Canada – Katherine MacDonald
Agency: Saint-Jacques Vallée Y&R
Creative Director: Pierre Nolin
Creation Team: Pascal Gagnon, Geneviève Vincent
Photography: Christian Blais – La Cavalerie



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