SPA-Canada furious over possible management of new shelter

SPA-Canada furious over possible management of new shelter

MONTREAL – Le Berger Blanc, a for-profit organization that was the focus of a 2011 report on the malpractice of euthanasia performed on its animals, may be making a bid for the management of a new animal shelter being built in Angrignon Park.

The $23 million project is set to be finished September 2016 and will employ 90 people, as well as 200-300 volunteers.

While the animal shelter can only be perceived as a positive thing, the SPA-Canada has a problem with the possible management by Le Berger Blanc.

“By allowing Berger Blanc, a for-profit company to submit its application for the management of the animal center, we risk allowing people to think we have overlooked abuse of animals happened here in the first place,” said Gabriel Villeneuve, campaign manager of SPA Canada.

The SPA-Canada believes the city of Montreal should take responsibility in managing the animal shelter.

“The focus of Berger Blanc was always their profit margin and not the welfare of the animals they receive,” said Villeneuve.

“Involving Berger Blanc is simply unacceptable and it would be foolish to give the contract to the company. It would be like rewarding those who are cruel to animals.”

The animal center will be part of a project in the complete redevelopment of Angrignon Park.

This will include the reopening of the petting zoo, which had been closed at the end of 2007, as well as the creation of an educational area for urban agriculture.

In total, that’s $44 million to be invested by 2022.

“This investment project will not only promote biodiversity for visitors to the park, but it also offers citizens a variety of activities to learn about urban agriculture and the preservation of natural environments,” said Josée Duplessis, a member of the committee responsible for the construction.

As of right now, it is reported that Le Berger Blanc’s bid is the front runner for the shelter.

Please note: This story has been modified. The original story stated that the SPCA and not SPA-Canada had released a statement on Le Berger Blanc’s bid for the shelter at Angrignon park.


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