SPA Canada takes advantage of Valentine’s Day to announce its 2011 favorites

SPA Canada takes advantage of Valentine’s Day to announce its 2011 favorites

Press Release: La SPA Canada profite de la Saint-Valentin pour annoncer ses coups de cœur 2011 (SPA Canada takes advantage of Valentine’s Day to announce its 2011 favorites.)



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Press Release: SPA Canada takes advantage of Valentine’s Day to announce its 2011 favorites


The year 2011 was busy for those defending the animal cause. The population has witnessed many cases of cruelty and negligence towards animals but many citizens mobilised for different causes and called out injustice. SPA Canada is proud of these people and of their actions: they fought alongside us. To underline the implication of many different people on this day of love, SPA Canada made a list of Canadians who distinguished themselves by their actions for the defense and protection of animal rights in 2011.


Our 2011 favourites (in alphabetical order):

1- François Croteau (Mayor of Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie): For having adopted restrictive laws concerning the sale of animals in his territory’s pet shops

2- Geneviève Allard Pernas: For her activism

3 – Georges Laraque (Hockey player): For his implication as a spokesperson for the SPA Canada and his activism

4 – Iron Jennys: For having taken up the Canadian challenge in Ironman in the SPA Canada’s name and in the name of animals, as well as having spread awareness about different causes related to animals (see website:

5 – Nicole Joncas: For her major implication in the SPA Canada, for having taken care of over 250 animals at the Teja Sanctuary, an SPA Canada farm, and for her activism

6 – Pamela Anderson (Actress): For her international activism for animals

7 – Patricia Tulasne (Comedian): For her implication as a spokesperson for the SPA Canada in the campaign against Berger Blanc and for-profit pounds

8 – Rémi, the SPA Canada investigator who infiltrated Berger Blanc for the Radio Canada show Enquête

9 – Mac Harb (Canadian Senator and Retired Member of the House of Commons): For his campaign against seal hunting

10 – Shannon Tweed (Wife of Gene Simmons, lead singer of the band Kiss): For having given a generous donation to the Saskatoon SPCA and having encouraged the public to follow her example


International Figures 2011:

Francois Hugo: For dedicating his life to the safeguarding of seals and sea lions in Namibia, Africa


Here is also our 2011 Letdown Prize, for those who had the least compassion for animals (in alphabetical order):

1 – Céline Hervieux-Payette (Senator): For being an extremist against animal welfare

2 – Dani Reiss (President and Director of the Canada Goose company): For contributing to animal cruelty by promoting fur and down

3 – Gérald Tremblay (Mayor of Montreal): For his inaction in the for-profit pound file (Berger Blanc) and for the sale of animals in pet shops

4 – Jean Lapointe (Actor, Comedian, Singer and Retired Canadian Senator): For having written a song mocking those who defend animals

5 – John Taylor (Owner of the Domus restaurant in Ottawa, Ontario): For having put back foie gras on the menu of his restaurant after having had removed it for 2 years following the actions of animal welfare activists against foie gras

6 – Justin Trudeau (Liberal Deputy): For having promoted fur

7 – Nicole Labombard (Owner of the Paws R Us puppy mill): For making profit off of the abuse of animals by operating on of the largest puppy mills in Canada

8 – Pierre Corbeil (MAPAQ President): For mocking the population of Quebec with the P42 Bill on animal welfare in Quebec

9 – Pierre Couture (Berger Blanc Director): For operating one of the most important for-profit pounds in Canada and for the awful conditions that animals have to endure in this business following the revelation of the Radio Canada show Enquête on April 21, 2011.

10 – Stephen Harper and his government: For having abolished the FIrearms Register, having approved of the massacre of seals and being opposed to the Kyoto Protocol.


About SPA Canada:

SPA Canada is a national nonprofit animal rights organization dedicated to creating awareness and educating people on respecting all animal species.


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