When science meets business there won’t be much science left

When science meets business there won’t be much science left

First of all: it is not easy for us to write this statement without feeling overwhelmed and saddened by the horrible cruelty that goes on in laboratories. Do we really need new shampoos, creams and artificial sweeteners? Are these products really worth millions of rabbits, mice, dogs and cats? And how ‘new’, special, and life-changing are the countless new cosmetic products anyway? The truth is that most products are simply diverse combinations of similar compounds that are made irresistible through smart marketing and glossy packaging. One big chunk of animal testing goes into endless attempts at producing the same products using cheaper substances or ingredients. This means that many tests are not conducted to improve products or ‘human life, but to justify selling us products of lower quality!


Even though vivisection is neither necessary nor useful, the numbers of animal killed in laboratories is staggering. We are talking about ca 2 million animals in Canada alone every single year (which includes military testing in order to develop more ‘efficient’ ways of killing humans). But before we ask- who needs weapons and Botox anyway- today we want to look at the question why we still use and abuse animals in labs. There are state-of- the-art alternatives out there! One of the most recent developments is the German ‘skin factory’ that would finally offer a viable method of conducting skin irritation tests.


Many consumers already know that current vivisection methods do not protect us from allergy and irritation causing creams. Thousands of us
have already have already suffered side effects caused by nail polish remover, hair dye or fabric softener. Let’s keep in mind that vivisection is big business for laboratories, puppy and mice breeders and companies that produce primate restraining chairs, cages, shock generators, laboratory guillotines etc. We have included a laboratory equipment catalogue so you can see for yourself why the vivisection lobby does not want alternatives to be adopted


The European Union has voted on phasing out animal product testing by 2014. This phase out will kindly allow the vivisectors to find new jobs! The vivisection business is anything but rigorous science- it is high time to stop supporting it!
Please try out some cruelty-free products today!


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