Press release: Six horses die during the Calgary Stampede. When will rodeo and Chuckwagon races end? 

Press release: Six horses die during the Calgary Stampede. When will rodeo and Chuckwagon races end? 


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Six horses die during the Calgary Stampede

When will rodeo and Chuckwagon races end?


Ottawa, July 17th, 2019 – The number of horse deaths during the Calgary Stampede climbs to six. The Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) Canada recalls, once again, that it is essential to prohibit any activity using animals.

“Year after year, the Calgary Stampede organizers argue that the deaths are isolated cases beyond their control. However, excuses do not bring them back to life! The only way to avoid the animals’ death is to stop the activities that involve them. ” commented Dominique Routhier, interim CEO and animal biologist of SPA Canada.

How many more deaths are needed before we take action?

Approaching the end of the 2019 edition of the Calgary Stampede taking place from July 5 to 14, 2019, three more horses had to be euthanized. They had been injured during a major wagon collision. According to the officials of the Calgary Stampede, the horses could not be saved. More blatant proof that the event is far too dangerous for these animals used against their will.

The dead horses during the week will remain in our memories

The death of three horses euthanized this Sunday, following their injuries caused by a collision between two wagons is not the first case of deaths during the event. On Monday, July 8, a few days after the start of the 2019 edition of the festival celebrating the city’s western heritage and animal exploitation, there was already one death. The death was due to “a serious internal health problem” according to the officials. Only two days later, a second death occurs. The horse was euthanized for a simple leg fracture… On July 11th, a horse loses its life during a collision between chuckwagons. No matter the “efforts” of the officials to ensure the safety of the animals, they will always be insufficient because they will never ensure their survival. It is high time to ban any activity involving animals!


Take action:

Every year, horses panic, are injured and die for the entertainment of the Calgary Stampede spectators. “I invite citizens to contact the Minister of Agriculture Canada, Marie-Claude Bibeau, to ask her to ban the use of animals at the Calgary Stampede.” proposes Ms. Routhier.

Marie-Claude Bibeau: 819-347-2598 / 613-995-2024 /

About SPA Canada:

SPA Canada is a national nonprofit animal rights organization dedicated to creating awareness and educating people on respecting all animal species.


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