Press release: Rodeos in Quebec: Minister of Tourism Neglects to Adhere to Quebec law.

Press release: Rodeos in Quebec: Minister of Tourism Neglects to Adhere to Quebec law.



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Press release: Rodeos in Quebec: Minister of Tourism Neglects to Adhere to Quebec law.


Montreal, April 11, 2018 – The Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) Canada is appalled by the Quebec Minister of Tourism, Julie Boulet, who has chosen to endorse the mistreatment of animals by continuing to support the Western Festival of Sainte-Tite. Numerous complaints in previous years cite animal cruelty and the practices endorsed by the Minister are in DIRECT violation of Chapter P-42 of the Animal Health Protection Act.

Furthermore, Minister Boulet has ignored the recent study from Alain Roy, Professor of Law at the University of Montreal, who has deemed the festival unlawful as well as Dr. Jean-Jacques Kona-Boun who found the festival to be harmful and dangerous to the animals. Despite the overwhelming evidence of a total disregard for animal health and safety Minister Boulet has chosen to continue supporting this festival.

Bulls by nature are not as aggressive as the rodeo would have us believe. Flank straps tightly squeeze the area near the bulls genitals to cause them to buck while electric cattle-prods and boot spurs are used to get an already scared and stressed animal to submit. The occurrence of broken legs among the calves and horses is also very common. These otherwise healthy animals are then euthanized as they can no longer be used in events.
« It’s absolutely unacceptable to use the pain and suffering of animals as a public attraction. » states Elise Moreau, Communication officer of SPA Canada.
In December 2015 the Quebec National Assembly unanimously passed a law that provides adequate protection for domestic animals and certain wild animals. It also provides for a series of prohibited acts including the transport of an animal or the training of an animal for combat. “No one may, by his act or omission, cause an animal to be in distress.”
Despite the implementation of this law, some do not hesitate to continue their activities illegally. A report commissioned by University of Montreal law professor Alain Roy contains a disturbing video taken by a veterinarian that exposed, in direct violation of the law, a terrible scene of a bloodied bull dashing through the walls of his enclosure as well as young calves tied to the ground with their legs bound. The abhorrent conditions that we subject these animals to for our entertainment pleasure is repulsive and illegal. Elise Moreau adamantly reminds the government of Quebec that “You are guilty of each transgression of the Laws you make. It’s no different for the law that assures the animals’ respect.”

SPA Canada and our members believe the time is NOW to end these cruel and inhumane practices. An animal’s well-being should not be subject to its entertainment value. The SPA calls to eradicate Rodeos from the province.
Today, we ask the province of Quebec to acknowledge the current law and abide by its dictates and eradicate illegal rodeo practices throughout the province. Quebec would join many other places, like England, Scotland, the Netherlands and the City of Vancouver in British Columbia, that have already opted to abolish this inhumane practice.


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