Press release: Quebec City: Moving Towards a More Ethical Animal Control?

Press release: Quebec City: Moving Towards a More Ethical Animal Control?



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Press release: Quebec City: Moving Towards a More Ethical Animal Control?


Quebec, June 11th 2014 – With a petition to allow a city-run Trap-Neuter-Release-Maintain (TNRM) program for stray cats, and another to ban the sale of animals in pet stores, Quebec City officials were being confronted with citizen demands to better protect animals on their territory. After these local organizations began demanding to be heard by the city, SPA Canada brought them together to lead them in a campaign to direct the city of Quebec towards a more ethical animal control. “The problem of pet overpopulation will not be solved through euthanasia,” criticizes Director of Campaigns, Gabriel Villeneuve. Instead, SPA Canada suggests a restructuring of Quebec City’s animal control services in order to become an example of an ethical and efficient city-run system for the province of Quebec. It is well-known that Quebec is the worst province when it comes to animal protection.

SPA Canada’s demands presented to the city today include a free sterilization clinic for low-income households, a TNRM program for feral cats, mandatory microchipping of pets, a ban on selling pets in pet stores unless they come from shelters and are sterilized as well as a city-run animal control center. “These are programs that, together, have been proven to reduce euthanasia and abandonment rates in cities that have implemented them. What is Quebec waiting for?” asks Mr. Villeneuve. While the city representatives were not closed to the possible implementation of these programs, SPA Canada awaits their decision on their proposed mandate as appointed consultants. SPA Canada has offered their services as experts in the field to build an action plan based on Quebec City’s specific situation.
Animal control is a public service that the city is legally obliged to provide. SPA Canada demands that the City of Quebec, and all other cities, take this responsibility seriously and invest in more humane systems that aim at dealing with overpopulation. Will Quebec City accept to move forward with a modern and humane animal control system, or remain in the dark and continue to kill animals year after year instead of investing in an alternative?



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