Press release: New animal regulations, a step forward for the animal cause

Press release: New animal regulations, a step forward for the animal cause



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Press release: New animal regulations, a step forward for the animal cause



Montreal, Friday June 15 – The SPA Canada reacts to the declarations of Thursday June 14, on animal regulations applicable by 2020.

Today is a big day for the improvement of animal protection. Indeed, the mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante, validated on June 14, 2018, four new animal regulations.

On July 1rst, 2019, dogs, cats and rabbits sold in pet stores must come from shelters or veterinary clinics. All of these animals will have to be mandatorily sterilised by 2020.

The regulation on the ban of horse-drawn carriages in Montreal will come into effect on December 13, 2019. The SPA Canada is especially delighted by this regulation for which it has mobilised for so many years. Let us remember that in 2016, a first moratorium was withdrawn after a judge ordered that there was no right to suspend coachmen’s permits.

Moreover, the application of the animal regulation does not target specific breeds considered ‘’potentially dangerous’’ based on preconceived notions and no scientific backing. ‘’We second the conditions of this new regulation based on the fact that the danger an animal poses does not vary according to the breed to which it belongs to but rather varies based on its owner’s behaviour.’’ Elise Moreau, communications officer at the SPA Canada, mentions.

All these measures will have important consequences: the reduction of stray animals, the disappearance of the exploitation of horses for touristic entertainment, lack of targeting of certain breeds considered ‘’potentially dangerous’’ without scientific backing, reduction of dog bite incidents, suppression of industries dedicated to animal production…

The Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) Canada wishes to thank Valérie Plante for all these new fundamental measures put into effect by 2020. We are aware of the difficulty of imposing regulations for animal protection, especially when they entail financial consequences. This news represents a victory for us in regards to the actions we have taken. It also constitutes extra motivation in the continuation of our fight against animal abuse, including rodeos, shown as being illegal. We also wish to thank citizens who helped in its creation by expressing their discontent and their engagement. It is with great pleasure that we observe more and more people who are sensitive to the animal cause and which give them better conditions.

We also hope that these measures will open the path forward to new regulations with just as much impact, and to the reinforcement of existing animal protection files.’’ Elise Moreau, communications officer for SPA Canada, declares.


About SPA Canada:

SPA Canada is a national nonprofit animal rights organization dedicated to creating awareness and educating people on respecting all animal species.


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