Press release : Wind of Change in the SPA Canada Administration

Press release : Wind of Change in the SPA Canada Administration



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Wind of Change in the SPA Canada Administration


Montreal, May 24, 2019 – The Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA Canada) announces the official entry of their new president on the organization’s board of directors, Mr. José Dorelas attorney-at-law, and a new interim CEO, Dominique Routhier, Animal Biologist.

Mr. Doleras has been a member of the Quebec Lawyers Society for more than 13 years and has worked on behalf of many non-profit organizations. He has been a lawyer at the Black League of Quebec, whose main mission is to defend human rights and social justice, and at Radio Centre-Ville, a multicultural community radio station based in Montreal. “As the new Chair of the Board, my mission will be to supervise the restructuring of the organization. SPA Canada was created as an activist organization so it will be my job to balance activism and administrative management, while respecting the resources available to us. “says Dorelas.

Ms. Routhier, a renowned Canadian animal rights activist, a trained animal biologist and a vegan for more than 15 years,  has worked for many years in veterinary clinics to improve the lives of thousands of animals. Wanting to do more for them, she became a full-time animal rights activist during which she worked in various organizations.

A natural leader, in 2007 she became the Canadian Director of Strategic Development for an international activist non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating the use of animals for science. She served in a number of Canadian cities (Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Victoria, …) with the aim of helping to eradicate animal suffering.

In spite of many sacrifices aware of the life of an activist and a boundless implication to reach her goals, she never stopped to defend the animal cause. “For almost 20 years I put all my energy into the service of animals. There is so much to do and with limited resources, every decision has to be thoughtful to have the maximum impact to make change for animals. At SPA Canada I am fortunate to be surrounded by a wonderful team of collaborators and supporters as passionate as me with whom I pledge to be attentive to carry out the mission of the organization in a transparent and collaborative vision. “comments Ms. Routhier.

About SPA Canada:

SPA Canada is a national nonprofit animal rights organization dedicated to creating awareness and educating people on respecting all animal species.


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