Press release: Pitbulls in Quebec, Government removes breed-specific dog ban

Press release: Pitbulls in Quebec, Government removes breed-specific dog ban



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Press release: Pitbulls in Quebec: Government removes breed-specific dog ban


Montreal, June 6th, 2018 – The Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) Canada reacts to yesterday’s decision by Quebec Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux to remove references to a breed-specific dog ban.

Bill 128 is designed to create guidelines around dogs, partly by giving power to local municipalities to order the owner or guardian of a dog to submit it to one or several measures, such as euthanasia. It also contains a list of dogs to which the legislation would apply. It names pitbulls and rottweilers, as well as any cross with those breeds. Given the government’s extreme initial position, one would expect it to have been based on reasonable analysis and investigation but this singling out of “potentially dangerous” dog breeds comes with no scientific evidence.

The Bill would force the removal and destruction of dogs it deemed dangerous based solely on their breed. His revised version would no longer target specific breeds. It appears that Quebec Public Security Minister has opted for a new, “more consensus-based” bill on this issue. “If I had at least some support in the scientific community, I’d feel much more comfortable to continue with that portion of the bill,” Minister Martin Coiteux said. “But we had absolutely no one who said this was a practical way of managing potentially dangerous dogs.”

Montreal’s Mayor Valerie Plante much of the community and the SPA Canada support a position that places the responsibility of a dog’s behaviour where it belongs, on its owner. “Punishing animals is not the solution, as the reason for its behaviour is clearly due to the people who raise them” said Elise Moreau,. Much like with humans, the character of an animal particularly when young is influenced by the environment in which it lives.

SPA Canada is glad with the changes to Bill 128 after seeing the report was built off conjecture and not scientific evidence. We appeal to the Government to focus on Bills that do have public support such as Bill 54. Passed unanimously in December of 2015, Bill 54 provides protection for domestic animals and certain wildlife. Since coming into effect, it has not stopped many people from continuing to endanger the health of animals. Elise Moreau, communications officer for SPA Canada, reminds us of “the report commissioned by Alain Roy in 2017, which demonstrates that rodeos expose animals to painful injuries, both physical and psychological. These events are illegal according to the law, but still take place.”


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