October: Month SPA Canada and Black Cat SEO Unite for Black Cats

October: Month SPA Canada and Black Cat SEO Unite for Black Cats

The Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) Canada and BlackCat SEO are teaming up for October in a campaign to break stereotypes about black cats and promote their adoption.


Partnership between BlackCat SEO and SPA Canada

SPA Canada and BlackCat SEO, one of Canada’s leading web referencing companies, are proud to announce their partnership for an October awareness campaign on black cat prejudice, which will return annually.

October, Black Cat Month

Black cats have long been described in history and associated with a negative image. The SPA Canada and BlackCat SEO (which is a good name) want to put an end to the prejudices surrounding these unloved and remind the public that “just like humans, cats should not be judged by their colour,” says Dominique Routhier, Acting Executive Director and Animal Biologist for SPA Canada.

A bit of history

Black cats have long been associated with magic and witches. Because of the color of its hair, the black cat has long symbolized the world of darkness and was seen as a creature of the devil. “Even today, myths persist because 13% of people are afraid to come across a black cat due to superstitions,” says Antonin, president of Black Cat SEO.

During this special month, SPA Canada will post on its website an overview of the history of cats and more specifically black cats, which has probably forged negative beliefs about them, although there are also positive beliefs about black-coated cats.

Promoting the adoption of black cats

Even today, even if the black cat is no longer associated with the myth of witches, its negative image persists. It is no secret that black cats are unfortunately often the last to be adopted, and the first to be euthanized when shelters overflow. Black cats stay in shelters 24% longer than others. Yet a cat is a cat, whether it is white, black or grey! SPA Canada and BlackCat SEO are joining forces this month against discrimination against black cats to deconstruct myths about black cats and promote the adoption of these adorable companions.

Let’s reduce the adoption gap for black cats!