October: Month Discrimination against Black Cats

Just like humans, cats should not be judged by their colour!

Black cats, suffer from prejudices based on the simple criterion of their color. But anyone who has been able to closely rub shoulders with a black cat knows full well that these prejudices are discriminatory and do not affect their magnificence.

We chose October to put the black cat on a pedestal! Even though all cats are all equal, black cats do not seem to have the adoption side rating according to the statistics. These prejudices, conveyed over the centuries, have changed human behaviour in relation to black cats. However, they are also associated with positive beliefs, but they are much less known to the public.

Throughout the year, but especially during the month of October, we want to put an end to the prejudices surrounding these unloved and remind the public that just like humans, cats should not be judged by their colour.

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BlackCat SEO is involved in this long-term campaign by offering its services and financial support, actively participating in this initiative since its inception. This subject is particularly close to his heart, as the name of their company suggests.

The SPA Canada and BlackCat SEO are joining forces this month against discrimination against black cats to deconstruct myths related to black cats and promote the adoption of these adorable companions.

Together, let’s close the gap in the adoption of black cats!