New Animal Control Facility to be Managed by Berger Blanc?

New Animal Control Facility to be Managed by Berger Blanc?



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Press Release: New Animal Control Facility to be Managed by the Berger Blanc? Outrageous!


Montreal, August 29th 2013 – The Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) Canada is put aback by the city of Montreal’s thoughts on the management of their new municipal animal control facility. The official location of this new center was announced yesterday; it is to be part of the larger restructuring of Angrignon Park. While this represents yet another step towards the reality of a city-run animal control facility, the SPA Canada cannot accept what was said concerning the management possibilities for it.

According to campaign director Gabriel Villeneuve, “Allowing Berger Blanc, managed within a for-profit context, to apply for the management of the facility would be risking perpetuating the context in which animal abuse occurred in the first place”. The original request for a city-run animal control center was in response to Radio Canada’s report in April of 2011 against Berger Blanc’s mistreatment of animals in their care, as discovered thanks to an undercover agent of the SPA Canada. The city of Montreal had announced, on October 18th 2012, that they would seek out an organization that would fulfill the humanitarian aspect of animal control. The SPA Canada is certain that only the city of Montreal itself would be able to do so as they would be legally responsible.

The SPA Canada is also against the decision to maintain any contract with Berger Blanc during the construction of the new facility. “As a for-profit enterprise, the priority of Berger Blanc remains their profit margins and not the well-being of the animals they receive” adds M. Villeneuve. “Knowing that the initial reason for the creation of the facility, which will cost 23 million dollars, is the scandal surrounding the Berger Blanc, It is unacceptable and ridiculous to consider giving them the contract, which would be rewarding animal cruelty.” The SPA Canada does not expect to remain inactive in this file and still demands the final closure of Berger Blanc. They ask that the public not remain quiet and to let their dissent be known by contacting the city of Montreal by dialing 3-1-1.


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