National Fur Coat Donation Month


As part of the National Fur Coat Donation Month founded by SPA Canada, the organization puts together public mobilization activities throughout the month of May in front of stores selling fur.

Spring is the perfect time of the year to meet fur store customers who bring their coats to storage during the warmer months. Representatives of SPA Canada meet with customers to encourage them to donate their fur coats and buy another one that didn’t cause any cruelty to animals. The fur coats collected will be given to homeless people next November for the cold season. This action has the effect of devaluing this cruel trend and warm those who need it most. For anyone wanting to donate their fur coat, simply contact the organization and volunteers can pick up the coats.

During these mobilization events, leaflets against fur are given to passers-by, exchanges are made with the public on the reality of the fur industry and peaceful demonstrations are organized in order to sensitize the population to the cruelty surrounding the fur industry.

In Canada, fur farms produce approximately 1.7 million mink skins per year (Fur Institute of Canada). Imagine how many more animals are suffering and killed if we add the twenty or so other animal species killed for their fur, including beavers, muskrats, lynxes, martens and raccoons!

More than 400 years after the start of the fur trade in Canada, it’s time to end it! SPA Canada invites the public to participate in the National Fur Coat Donation Month by participating in flyer distribution, peaceful protest and fur coats collection.

Contact the organization to know the place of event gathering: 514-808-7330 /