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  • Closure of the Berger Blanc in sight

  • Press release from the city of Montreal (French only): Contrôle et bien-être des animaux domestiques - La Ville de Montréal crée un centre de services animaliers intégrant les meilleures pratiques

  • Black vigil to memory of the animal Martyrs of Berger Blanc.

  • Press release - Press conference - Gerald Iron Hands. An artist highlights the inaction of the Tremblay administration in the Berger Blanc case.

  • SPA Canada takes the occasion of the Valentine Day to bring you our heroes for animals for 2011 list

  • SPA Canada forces pet products retailer Mondou to break its ties with Berger Blanc.


  • Press Release - SPA Canada launches Holiday membership drive. New Web site and ambassadors for the cause:

  • Press Release - The city of Montreal still supports Le Berger Blanc and endorses the way they treat animals

  • Press Release - Major disappointment for SPA Canada and for Quebec pets

  • Press Release - SPA Canada supports Bill C-322 concerning the slaughter of horses for human consumption

  • Press Release - Owners of Outaouais puppy mill Paws R Us plead guilty to accusations of animal cruelty

  • Press Release - Demo against Berger Blanc and for-profit private pounds in front of Jean Charest′ office on October 30, 2011

  • SPA Canada′s reaction to Puppymill shut down in Outaouais

  • Press Release - March to Jean Charest′ office on September 24, 2011

  • Press Release - MAPAQ Recommendations from SPA Canada on MAPAQ′s draft Regulation. (french)

  • Protests in 5 cities against Berger Blanc and for-profit private pounds (french)

  • Press Release - Le SPCM de Ste-Adèle: le directeur accusé au criminel de cruauté envers les animaux. (french)

  • Press Release - Protest in 9 cities

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