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Every day, we give ourselves body and soul to achieve our mission to promote respect for animals through education, awareness and citizen mobilization, to motivate the public to act. But we can’t do all that alone. Join the movement! Together, we can make the world a better place for all living beings without exception. Put actions in place and carry out projects to lead to real societal change.

Become a Volunteer

SPA Canada lives largely thanks to its volunteers and trainees. Whether you are a graphic designer, translator, lawyer, editor or handyman, SPA Canada needs your talents to carry out its mission.

You are passionate about the animal cause and want to participate actively in making Canada a world without animal cruelty, contact us to join our team of volunteers and participate in various motivating projects!

Create a concrete action for the cause

Recognizing that the greatest motivations can sometimes diminish or even be extinguished by a glaring lack of resources, the SPA Canada creates, in 2017, the Financial Support Program for Animal Rights Activist Projects. The goal of this initiative is to leverage animal rights projects of Canadian citizens and organizations so they can emerge. Thus, we offer financial, material and human resources to projects related to our mission initiated by anyone wishing to make a change for animals.

Do you have a project and want to apply for this program? Write to us at

Talk About the SPA Canada

Talk about SPA Canada to your friends, colleagues, families to raise awareness about the cause and encourage them to know our mission. Who knows, maybe they will want to get involved for the cause!

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You do not have free time for the cause but want to make a difference for animals? Become a member of SPA Canada and help us make real change for the cause!

Sign Petitions

Make some noise!

In order to be heard, you need to make noise!

Sign our petitions and add your voice to animal causes (coming soon).

Petition: massive persuasion tool

Three good reasons to sign:

  • The power of numbers: tens, then hundreds, finally thousands of voices rising and being heard at the same time.

Such a concert leaves no one indifferent, particularly not elected and political leaders. In 2008, SPA Canada presented over 55,000 signatures to the Quebec Government to forbid puppy mills. As a result, the Government has improved its law for animals sanitary protection in adding a clause specifically targeting the well-being and safety of cats and dogs (L.R.Q., c. P-42, article 55.9.2, draft regulation # 12).

  • A concrete action, simple and efficient, that only takes a minute to do!
  • An important vote for change. In becoming viral, one vote can multiply within a very short period of time. Spread the word to your friends and contacts.

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With a few clicks, you will have accomplished a significant difference towards real change. Express yourself!