Fur industry: activists depict bloodied animals

Fur industry: activists depict bloodied animals

MONTREAL | Vegan and antispecist activists denounced the fur industry Friday for the 32nd National Anti-Fur Day

In front of Hudson’s Bay department store on St. Catherine West street in Montreal, a dozen people denounced ‘’the cruel reality of the fur industry’’.


The activists staged a scene where two women splashed with fake blood and wearing fur-like coats were confined in a metal cage.

The media stunt was organised by the Society for the Protection of Animals Canada and the ‘’Ma voix pour eux’’ (My voice for them) group.

Other protests were planned Friday in other Canadian cities.



The organisers lament that there is no legal protection for animals used in fur farms in the country.

‘’These cruel practices have no place in 2020, it is time to make people hear the truth’’, they commented.


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