I would rather go naked than wear fur
All day - December 23, 2019

Join us on December 23, at noon, at the corner of St. Catherine and Peel Streets, to walk naked, clothing optional to boycott the fur industry!

SPA Canada and Ma Voix pour eux invite you to the event "I would rather go naked than wear fur", which will take place in Montreal on December 23rd, at the corner of Peel Street and St. Catherine Street opposite the Canada Goose store.

On December 23, at noon, the annual march will be held for the "I would rather go naked than wear fur". This global movement has been much talked about in recent years because of its boldness. Indeed, the walkers are walking in the streets of the cities with as simple clothing, a poster with the name of the event written on it. This is a powerful way to get the message out of boycotting the fur industry. Boycotting fur and all animal products for the holidays

With the arrival of the holiday season, this media hype is timely. The goal is to educate people to make more ethical choices when buying their Christmas presents.

The vegan grassroots organization for animal rights "Ma Voix pour eux" joins SPA Canada in organizing this highly provocative media stunt.



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