The SPA Canada relies on the generosity of the public to achieve its mission. Donations are reinvested in several spheres:

Awareness and mobilization

Organize educational events to raise awareness and mobilize on various topics to improve the life of animals and to stop animal suffering. For example :

  • World tofu day – tofu food tasting to promote the vegan lifestyle and save 200 animals / year!
  • National Fur Coat Donation Month – demonstrations, distribution of flyers and collection of fur coats to give to homeless people and raise awareness of the living conditions of animals used in the fur industry.

Press Release

Study news, react and educate the media and the public by publishing informative press releases across Canada. Following the release of press releases, SPA Canada is often invited to give televised, radio and written interviews in order to extend the voice of animals and thus improve the lives of animals. See the Media section for the full list of interviews and press releases.


Participate in events such as the Montreal Vegan Festival and the Toronto Veg Food Fest to promote SPA Canada and its mission, as well as inform the public about the living conditions of millions of animals used in the industries .


Generate petitions with the aim of handing them over to politicians to drastically improve the living conditions of animals.

  • Example: in November 2008, a hundred people, accompanied by dogs rescued from puppy mills, gathered at the office of Prime Minister Jean Charest to hand over 55,000 signatures for a petition aimed at making puppy mills illegal in Quebec. Following these events, the provincial government amended the Animal Health Protection Act (CQLR, chapter P-42).


Mobilize people to be a change maker and pro-active for the cause.

  • Example: On October 18, 2012, following pressure from SPA Canada and the public on the issue of for-profit pounds and the Berger Blanc, the city of Montreal announces that a animal rescue center managed by the city will be put in place at the cost of $23 million.

Financial Support Program For Animal Rights Activist Projects

To be a lever for the projects of citizens and animal rights organizations so that they can come to life through the Financial support Program for animal rights activist projects. For example, SPA Canada provides financial, material and human resources for mission-related projects initiated by anyone wishing to make a change for animals.

News Laws

Help get new laws to get more protection for animals. SPA Canada has spearheaded a number of legislative changes. Following its actions started in 2008, as well as others such as its for-profit pounds campaign in 2011, several laws have been amended to better treat animals:

  • the Animal Health Protection Act P-42;
  • the adoption of Bill 54 to improve the legal status of the animal;
  • municipal bylaws to ban horse drawn carriages, the sale of animals in pet stores and the end of pitbull ban in Montreal.

Promotional Platform

Promote events and informative materials for animal rights in Canada on our website and social networks.

Visit our Facebook page, subscribe to our Instagram account or follow us on Twitter !

Call Management

  • Handle calls to answer questions from the public about the cause of the animals. In talking with people, we try to make them pro-active by themselves to become agents of positive change in the situations for which they contact us. The SPA Canada hotline is a national reference system for Canadian citizens.


  • Assist those who call us to denounce a situation of animal cruelty or a wild animal found in distress and refer them to appropriate resources as needed.


Plan investigations. Whether visits to inspect places, the ways of doing business using animals or under cover investigations of several weeks by investigators who are hired for the sole purpose of capturing images and horrific situations undergone by animals, investigations always have the mission to shed light on illegal practices as well as on practices considered normal by the society but which contain a huge lot of cruelty suffered by the animals which are victims of it.

Since its inception, SPA Canada has conducted 23 investigations in different sectors:


  • For-profit pounds
  • In 2011, a SPA Canada investigator conducted a 6-week undercover investigation at the Montreal-based for-profit pound, Berger Blanc, in collaboration with Radio-Canada for the “Mauvais Berger” report aired at the ‘Enquête’ TV show. As a result of this investigation, SPA Canada organized numerous events and rallied the public for its for-profit campaign. Following pressure from SPA Canada and its allies, the city announced in 2012 the creation of a rescue animal center managed by the city at a cost of $ 23 million. For more information on this campaign: and see our list of achievements in 2011-2012
  • In the fall of 2011, three representatives of SPA Canada visited the municipal pound in the city of Saint-Adèle following a complaints about the practices of this place. After a meeting with the mayor of the city Réjean Charbonneau, the SPA Canada had the agreement of the latter to make a surprise visit to evaluate the place. Following the visit, two other meetings with the mayor were held to encourage the city to create a animal rescue center managed by the city for greater transparency with best practices. Since those meetings, the city took over his contract for animal management of its territory at SPCA Laurentides-Labelle, a non-profit organization whose long-term vision is described as follows: “to become the best adoption center without non-essential euthanasia in Quebec as well as a model of public education about sterilization. This will allow us to save even more animals while helping to change the attitudes and laws about animal welfare in our province. “


  • Pet stores : 4 surprise visits to various pet shops to see the state of the art and the animals.
  • At the Aquarium Octopus Aquarium center
  • In two pet shops Safari Animal Center
  • In an NDG pet shop in Montreal.

Food industry

The investigations in the factory farms of the food industry demonstrate in every case situations where animals are in physical distress (injuries, illness, death, respiratory problems, …) and psychological (repetitive movements). Moreover, the simple fact of observing how these animals live according to current standards is in itself an aberration: putrid odor, piling up, insalubrity, …

  • Goose Farms for the Foie Gras
  • Poultry farms
  • Pig farms
  • Dairy farms

Animal experimentation

  • Charles River Animal Experimental Laboratory in Quebec

Wildlife animals

  • Beaver trapping

Help us help animals by becoming a member of SPA Canada.

Becoming a SPA Canada member means becoming part of the solution. It’s:

  • Lobbying in your name, giving SPA Canada more political clout when exchanging with elected representatives,
  • Becoming pro-active against animal cruelty
  • Enabling us to do long term projects like undercover investigations and shutting down puppy mills because we can count on a stable income
  • Adding another voice to the many who condemn animal cruelty,
  • Enabling SPA Canada to speak out on behalf of a greater number of citizens, voters and consumers,
  • Helping to draft new laws to regulate animal pounds, puppy mills, and the mistreatment of animals in general,
  • Saving lives.

Animal cruelty can be brought to an end

SPA Canada needs your financial support for its long-term projects aimed at amending the municipal and provincial legislation.

While one-time donations are obviously appreciated, SPA Canada is particularly in need of regular monthly support, regardless of how small the amount. SPA Canada must and is determined to change things by doing even more. To do so, it needs regular donations that will allow it to plan the next steps in its core initiatives.

The animals don’t have a voice to speak for them.
They need yours.