Control and welfare of domesticated animals

Control and welfare of domesticated animals

Following pressure from SPA Canada on for-profit pounds and Berger Blanc, the city of Montreal issues a press release: Contrôle et bien-être des animaux domestiques – La Ville de Montréal crée un centre de services animaliers intégrant les meilleures pratiques (Control and welfare of domesticated animals – The City of Montreal creates a center for animal services incorporating best practices).

See the press release of Montreal City here: (french)


Montreal. October 18, 2012 – The vice-president of the City of Montreal executive committee and responsible for citizen services, Mr. Richard Deschamps, followed up on the December 2011 announcement to put into place an integrated view of animal management where animal control services and its humanitarian aspects will be guaranteed. He announced the creation of a municipal animal service centre in order to better respond to Montrealers’ animal management needs. The city also wishes to enter into an agreement with a chosen partner that would take control of the humanitarian aspect of the services offered to the population. New harmonised regulations will also be proposed to the boroughs for adoption.

‘’The City of Montreal is taking an important step forward in the improvement and restructuring of animal management on its territory. The creation of an animal service centre and the development of a partnership with a humanitarian organisation will allow a better integration of animal control activities, veterinarian care and animal welfare care. Our administration is sure that this durable solution will respond to the preoccupations expressed by the population and will help to eliminate animal overpopulation in the city.’’ Mr. Deschamps asserts.

Struggling with inadequate and insufficient services provided, a true regional problem, the city has undertaken an important shift regarding animal management. A committee of experts accompanies Montreal in its restructuring. Rigorous work has been done to evaluate different operational, technical and financial scenarios and a first awareness campaign has been deployed in the whole of Montreal.

To eliminate overpopulation and ensure animal welfare

The cost of the animal service centre is evaluated to 23 M$ and its opening is expected to be in 2014. The municipal administration is aware that it represents an important financial effort, but the construction of such a centre in Montreal has become a necessity. Many major Canadian cities struggling with similar problems have also decided in favour of municipal animal service centres. The management of this centre could be given to a non-profit organisation who would capture and shelter stray animals, search for their owners, would give veterinary care, survey the cat and dog populations, conduct awareness-raising activities and take part in the implementation of the harmonised regulations.

For its part, the chosen organisation for the essential humanitarian aspect of animal control will be mandated to welcome animals abandoned by their owners and to look for a new home for them.

Harmonised regulations for more coherence

The proposed legislation unveiled today is the result of rigorous work on behalf of the City of Montreal, in collaboration with its boroughs and a committee of experts. The harmonised regulations regroup, in a more coherent whole, many good practices already in place. It also clarifies many definitions that will facilitate its implementation. Finally, it aims to replace all current legislation in the boroughs in order to give Montreal uniform regulations.

This project stipulates that:

  • Owners of cats and dogs must have a permit
  • A total of four animals, with a maximum of two dogs, can be owned at once
  • A dog must always be on a leash unless it is at it’s owner’s or in a dog park
  • Animal owners must follow good practices, in order not to disturb their neighbours’ quality of life
  • There will be control regarding dangerous animals: the owner of an animal declared dangerous that refutes the opinion of the city after this decision will be granted a 72 hour delay to signify their intention to have the animal examined by an expert of their choice

‘’The restructuring of Montreal’s animal management is a major project. The municipal administration could rely on the contributions of a committee of experts, including skilled veterinarians, in order to obtain an efficient management method, as well as proposed harmonised regulations that are just and equitable. It is without rest that, in concert with the boroughs and the committee of experts, we will work to implement best practices in regards to animal management.’’ Mr. Deschamps concluded.

Current or future animal owners can consult the following website for an array of practical information:

Source: City of Montreal