Bridge the adoption gap: adopt a black cat!

Black cats are left behind in regards to adoption

No matter what color a cat is, they are all adorable and deserve to be loved. Unfortunately, black cats do not seem to be unanimous …

Facts about black cats

Did you know? 

  • Black cats have some of the lowest adoption rates
  • Black cats have some of the highest euthanization rates 
  • Black cats are about half as likely to be adopted in comparison to grey cats 
  • A recent study showed 26.1% of people think color is important when adopting a cat
  • The same study found that 13% of Americans were superstitious of crossing a black cat 
  • Many refuges or animal shelters offer lower adoption fees for black cats which could potentially lead to them being devalued by humans  

Reasons to love black cats:

  • They look like miniature panthers 
  • Their eyes stand out beautifully against their dark coat of fur 
  • They’re sophisticated and mysterious 
  • Recent research shows black cats are more resistant to some diseases and illnesses than other cats


How you can help black cats

There are many ways you can help change the future for black cats! Here are a few ideas to get started:

    • Talk to your friends and family about black cats. Encourage those around you seeking to adopt a pet to consider a black cat. 
    • Share information about black cat adoption rates on your social media accounts. 
    • Volunteer at your local animal shelter and help them raise awareness about black cat adoption rates. 
    • Consider adopting a black cat yourself!