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Help us help animals by becoming a member of SPA Canada.

The SPA wants and needs to do more. To do this, we need regular support to enable essential planning of our ongoing work and to realize many projects that allow us to achieve our mission.

Being a member of SPA Canada is:

  • Enable SPA Canada to plan its actions over the long term;
  • Participate in the solution on an ongoing basis;
  • Reinforce the number of voices against the cruel treatment of animals. This allows SPA Canada to speak on behalf of a larger number of citizens, constituents and consumers, and thus to gain more weight and credibility when making requests with industries that use animals. media interviews and requests for improvement or requests from politicians to create new laws and regulations;
  • Raise awareness and educate more people through your voice. Thanks to your monthly donations, more resources can be put in place to establish awareness projects. As a result, we can put more actions in place to help stop animal cruelty in Canada.

A list of Action Categories and the Achievement List (News From The Field section) of SPA Canada are also available for more details.

Animal cruelty can be brought to an end

SPA Canada needs your financial support for its long-term projects aimed at amending the municipal and provincial legislation.

While one-time donations are obviously appreciated, SPA Canada is particularly in need of regular monthly support, regardless of how small the amount. SPA Canada must and is determined to change things by doing even more. To do so, it needs regular donations that will allow it to plan the next steps in its core initiatives.

The animals don’t have a voice to speak for them.
They need yours.

Call us to become a member :

  • Ottawa: 613-875-7330
  • Montreal: 514-808-7330
  • Toronto : 647-478-5609
  • Calgary: 403-536-9825
  • Vancouver : 604-343-1988
  • Halifax: 902-332-3569