Be a responsible pet owner

Be a responsible pet owner

The SPA Canada has sent out a message to urge people not to abandon their pets when they move.

Every year in Quebec, three times more pets are abandoned during this period. Confronted with this unacceptable situation, SPA Canada wanted to raise the public’s awareness about this issue.

Signed Saint-Jacque Vallée Y&R, the campaign shows a young child abandoned by his parents during a move.

‘’By creating a parallel between a pet and one of the most vulnerable members of a family, we show the severity of pet abandonment.’’ Pascal Gagnon says, artistic director of the agency.

Mainly circulated digitally, the offensive was present on Métrovision, in banners and on social media.

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Advertiser : SPA Canada — Katherine Mac Donald
Agency : Saint-Jacques Vallée Y&R
Creative director : Pierre Nolin
Creation : Pascal Gagnon, Geneviève Vincent
Photographer : Christian Blais — La Cavalerie