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Petition: massive persuasion tool

Three good reasons to sign:

  • The power of numbers: tens, then hundreds, finally thousands of voices rising and being heard at the same time.

Such a concert leaves no one indifferent, particularly not elected and political leaders. In 2008, SPA Canada presented over 55,000 signatures to the Quebec Government to forbid puppy mills. As a result, the Government has bonified its law for animals sanitary protection in adding a clause specifically targeting the well being and safety of cats and dogs (L.R.Q., c. P-42, article 55.9.2, draft regulation # 12).

We will see the extend of its repercussions in 2012.

  • A concrete action, simple and efficient, that only takes a minute to do !
  • An important vote for change. In becoming viral, one vote can multiply within a very short period of time. Spread the word to your friends and contacts.

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