Volunteer aid day in animal shelters associated with SPA Canada

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In order to help provide a better quality of life to animals that get a second chance by being received into animal shelters, SPA Canada is organizing volunteer aid days in different establishments across the country. These monthly events serve to mobilize groups of volunteers to provide necessary assistance to organizations that are too often under-financed and thus unable to respond to an ever-increasing demand.

Whether it be with pets or survivors of the food-processing industry, these events are a good occasion to spend time with family and friends in direct contact with animals that have experienced hardship. Through this aid program, SPA Canada is giving people the chance to take concrete action to improve the daily existence of unfortunate animals.The tasks undertaken during these days are determined according to needs of each establishment, and vary between normal maintenance and, if necessary, the improvement of the infrastructures in place. Participants will benefit as much as the animal shelters themselves from a highly enriching experience which will leave no one indifferent to the plight of animals.

SPA Canada believes that the fight against animal cruelty inevitably begins with information, and direct contact with the neglected victims of a world obsessed with over consumption is the perfect means of spreading it. Together we can make a difference in the lives of these animals!

You can obtain more information about our events, with details and dates, on SPA Canada’s Facebook page.

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